Universal Anti-Sociopath Symbol

Universal Anti-Sociopath Symbol

I was just thinking this morning of how I might design a bumper sticker about how sociopaths wind up in positions of power. It seems to be what our society does with ’em or lets ’em get away with. Why? well … maybe partly because they’ll say or do anything to get there.  And we get taken in by their charisma and the delusional belief that they sell us about, oh, having everything, anything we want whenever we want, infinite wealth, infinite resources, it’s all about SURVIVAL and anything you do is justified as long as it’s a matter of your SURVIVAL … (in a palatial house, with a car that cost 7 figures, ‘cuz you’re just better and smarter and faster than all those other losers, which you can tell because the god of “free market capitalism” is just grinning at you like a fool …)

And then they feel perfectly justified in taking everything they want from us chumps who let them…

AND THEN I found this very useful and thought-provoking page at Neurological Coordinates.

Bingo! I am not alone!  I feel vindicated!!

So, here’s a question for you:  what’s the relationship between “heroics” and sociopathy?  You don’t have to go back in time;  you don’t have to dig far into the past at all — think Ollie North & the NSC & the Iran/Contra scandal; Blackwater; the Bush Whitehouse assassination teams.

In fact, former VP Cheney says it all:

“Principle is OK up to a certain point, but principle doesn’t do any good if you lose.”

-Dick Cheney, 1976; during Iran-Contra scandal

And, for that matter, the “heroics” of industry and capitalism make us look a lot like the aliens in the film Independence Day — take whatever you need to “survive” by raping every planet you can find, because you’re the only species in the galaxy worthy of surviving — doubtless they also understood their scripture to say they were the pinnacle of creation and all the universe was theirs to consume.

Note, too, that in that story, it’s not the leaders/sociopaths who get us earthlings out of that mess, nor even high technology: folks of all colors, marginal types, Morse code (!), and, in the end, the resolve one screwed-up guy who loves his children.