Enough Already

February 15, 2017

What I just sent to Tennessee’s U.S. Senators by email, and will mail to them in hard copy:

Senator Lamar Alexander
United States Senate
455 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Clifford Davis-Odell Horton Federal Building
167 North Main Street, #1068
Memphis, TN 38103

Senator Bob Corker
United States Senate
Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

100 Peabody Place, Suite 1125
Memphis, TN 38103

Dear Senators Alexander and Corker,

I write to you to register my protest at the callous disregard of democracy, the U.S. Constitution, and the rule of law that you and your party have shown regarding the candidacy and now the imposition of Donald Trump as President of the United States. You are personally responsible for the damage to our democracy, all in pursuit of your own power and privilege. No matter the long- and short-term outcome(s) from this point onward, history will not be kind to you and you have richly earned the outrage of those of us who do in fact understand what American democracy is about, as an expression of the founding documents of our country and the founding vision embodied in the Declaration of Independence, and given living force in the rule of law before which all are equal – all races, all religions, all socioeconomic statuses, all genders and gender identities and expressions. No one group, certainly not the wealthy, gets to determine what America is about, and what our political life is.

You have in fact already guaranteed your own infamy in history, which cannot be kind to you, as there is no basis for such positive regard.

Your only opportunity to redeem yourself is to take immediate political and legal action to remove this illegitimate and corrupt impostor – who, after all, lost the popular vote by millions, even with the voter suppression your party has perpetrated in your own interest.

If you do not call for an immediate and thorough investigation – which you should have done as of last summer when you were briefed by national security that Trump’s actions were corrupt, it will be clear that you are a collaborator in a treasonous deal with Russia on the part of Donald Trump and his entourage. And, again, you are personally responsible, and are held to be so by the majority of us and by history for your part in the damage that has been done to democracy, as well as the role that your Republican Party has played.

To repeat, as a citizen of the United States, and as your constituent, to whom you owe principled behavior in support of American democracy and the rule of law, and support for government of, by, and for all the people:
• I call on you to demand and mobilize a transparent and vigorous bipartison investigation into the treasonous activities of Donald Trump and his campaign and his staff.
• You clearly cannot be trusted to lead it, and so I call for an independent investigation of this shameful behavior.
• I demand that you remove Donald Trump and his staff and appointees from their positions because of their manifest corruption in both disrupting U.S. democracy and profiting from those positions.

Shame on you.


Dr. Linde M. Brocato


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