Finally, Somebody Said It Out Loud in Front of God and Everybody!!

November 3, 2012

The Truth Rears Its Ugly … Rear

I’m so glad this is out in public discourse!! I finally realized in the late 90s that there was in fact a conservative plan to render government non-functional (in part by refusing to fully staff, and to only staff departments with cronies) in order to claim that government wasn’t functioning (particularly in the justice system). But this is happening in many other arenas, as well — education, most services, to you and me in most jobs. The ongoing lament that jobs aren’t being (re)created misses the point of this whole economic debacle, which is to DISEMPLOY as many workers as possible — with the result that we’re so desperate we’ll take any kind of labor situation. Now, of course, the simple fact comes clear that the jobs that are being (re)created have lower salaries (and often no benefits).

Welcome to the real trickle-down benefits of neoliberalism!

In the South we have a vulgar saying (there’s an even more vulgar form):

Piss on me once, shame on you!
Piss on me twice, shame on me!

Don’t let the conservatives keep pissing on us all.


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