What have we created? How much do we stand?

August 24, 2012

In the NYTimes coverage of the shooting at the Empire State Building today, we find this:

The official said that security surveillance video clearly shows the officers’ encounter with Mr. Johnson.

“It’s great video — you see him drawing on the cops, you see the whole thing,” the official said. “The cops had no choice.”

Uh. Hm. Really — “great video” and the cops had no choice but to fire 16 rounds, and injure 9 bystanders.


One: note that the shooter had lost his job a year ago, and, at 58, probably felt that he had no prospects.

Two: note that it’s treated like a video game by the cops on the beat and the “official” from the police department.

Three: note that the injured bystanders also agree “shit happens.”

Good lord.


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