“safety critical events” and texting while driving

June 28, 2010

While waiting (though not very long) to talk to the AT&T wireless folks, and listening to the annoying “fill in the silence with advertising” loop, I learned something I never would have guessed.

Virginia Tech’s researchers have found that folks texting while driving are 23 times more likely to experience a “safety critical event.”

AT&T is raising awareness, since “no text message is worth getting hurt over.”

Well … duh? Doing anything besides driving while you’re driving has the same effect to a greater or lesser degree. I don’t think it takes a lot of thinking about it to get that. Or it shouldn’t.

But… Safety critical events?


Can’t we just say “accidents”?

As in, if you text while you drive, you are much more likely to have an accident, damage your car and perhaps yourself, not to mention somebody else, in ways that can’t be fixed, for any amount of money, plus cost yourself a TON of money, not just your insurance company.

You could even kill somebody. Cars are like that: big heavy objects going kinda fast can do a LOT of damage. Think of it as a kind of clunky projectile.

And how much money did we spend for THAT research into the inscrutable mysteries of the most recondite corners of existence?



One Response to ““safety critical events” and texting while driving”

  1. B.A. Davis-Howe said

    My guess is that “safety critical events” include near-accidents such as looking up and barely slamming on the breaks in time to avert an accident. I suspect that broader criteria generate a more impressive-sounding number. As a pedestrian, I think it’s appropriate to include all the screw-ups.

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