Here’s the real problem…

June 28, 2010

The “Todays Quote” in today’s NYT (January 31, 2010):

“We can’t be just about saying no. But we have not completed the transition yet from defeated incumbent party. We have to position ourselves as an alternative and create enthusiasm for our positions.”
CHRISTOPHER C. HEALY, the chairman of the Connecticut Republican Party.

Issues. Where are issues? Articulating the problem(s), articulating possible solutions. Values? Are there values and principles here, say, oh, 1st amendment rights? The integrity of the constitution? The welfare of all the citizens of the Republic? What used to be called “the common weal” — which is where the term “commonwealth” comes from.

Our brains have all been sucked out by advertising, by pop gimmicky psychology, via things like NLP and, again, advertising. Nobody should control their impulses, apetites, desires, because that impedes consumer spending, and we’re not about the good of all, the good of the world, we’re about profits and profits require addicted, impulsive ignorant “consumers” who can’t see through the fog of spin and “positioning” and “market share” to real values.

I’m disgusted.


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