Serendipitous Reflections & Readings #1

January 16, 2010

Just reread Richard Connell’s “The Most Dangerous Game” on efiction

The story begs for analysis on lots of levels (which doubtless it’s gotten), but I was struck by this comment from General Zaroff in recounting how he came to invent a new game animal:

After the debacle in Russia I left the country, for it was imprudent for an officer of the Czar to stay there. Many noble Russians lost everything. I, luckily, had invested heavily in American securities, so I shall never have to open a tearoom in Monte Carlo or drive a taxi in Paris.

The story was written/published in 1924 (according to the wikipedia article, which suffers from some serious inconsistencies, and, after all, it’s wikipedia) — alas, outcome of hunting “with” Rainsford aside, his personal game preserve would have fallen on hard times in 1929, anyway. Post hoc irony?


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