September 11, 2009

WM/CSIHLPhD* seeks others with whom to delight in phrases and ideas like the following:

Or I could go to Paris. Now that would be the best revenge, wouldn’t it? Living in Paris, teaching labor law to deconstructionists. — labor lawyerTHOMAS GEOGHEGAN in a 1991 NYT Op-ed piece “American Labor’s Dark, Romantic Years”


LEON WIESELTIER on WHY ARE JEWS LIBERALS? By Norman Podhoretz 337 pp. Doubleday.

But this is a dreary book. Its author has a completely axiomatic mind that is quite content to maintain itself in a permanent condition of apocalyptic excitation. His perspective is so settled, so confirmed, that it is a wonder he is not too bored to write. The veracity of everything he believes is so overwhelmingly obvious to him that he no longer troubles to argue for it. Instead there is only bewilderment that others do not see it, too. … There was a time, though it was not a long time, when there was a basis in reality for the Jewish hope in a liberalizing society and a secularizing culture. What else should the Jews of modernity have done — ­chanted the Psalms and waited for Reagan?

*White, middle-class, Southern intellectual heathen lesbian Ph.D.


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